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The response from my online community to my recent PC scare helped me realize that our conversation is filling the void of real news through open dialogue during my live streams. This is inspiring me to work harder at increasing our reach and spreading ideas that may bring real solutions to current problems. Because of Producers like YOU, we are able to deliver news, memes, and clips twice a day, 5 days a week. Your support and generosity contribute to keeping FYwithAA operating. Now let's get set our sights on HELPING US GROW by being the Producers of Fuck Yes with Abim Afolabi!!! (Monthly goal - $1500)

Reaching this monthly goal will:

  • Add Multi-Streams across all video platforms (Rumble, Odysee, Facebook, & Youtube 2x per day)
  • *NEW* Special Guest Interviews
  • *NEW* Call-In Shows (Monthly)
  • *NEW* Breaking News Blog Posts
  • Add sound effects via Sound Deck
  • *NEW* Producer -Created Merch Items (rev share)
  • *NEW* In-Show Sponsorship Ad Spots/CTAs (Call-to-Action)

*Please select one-time donation option or monthly/yearly for recurring donations.


As a thank you for your monthly donation, you will receive between 5- 17% off (determined level coupon code) for any item in the MERCH SHOP. Thank you for your amazing support, I am forever blessed by your generosity.

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